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How To Get Started As a Manager


How much does it cost to be a caller?  There is a one-time $10 set-up fee and a $19.95/mo. admin fee

How do I make my payment to be a caller?  You can use a credit or debit bank card or send funds from your Uphold account.

How much am I paid as a caller?  You will be paid $1.50 per connection that stays on the line for 7 seconds.  You will be paid $.75 per connection that people you refer.  If you are a manager you will be paid and additional $.75 per connection made by the friends of your friends

Do I have to find the leads to call?  No, the companies that have hired YpConnect provide all the people to call

Does someone see my number when I call in the Caller ID?  No your name and number do not show at all

Can more than one person call from the same address?  Yes, there can be more than one caller and managers in the same location.

How much does it cost to be a manager?  In addition to the set up and admin fee, There is a one-time $200 (Package 1 in Yolopros) Purchase, you must purchase package 1 in Yolopros and that approves you for the Manager tier in YpConnect.

How do I purchase package 1 in Yolopros to become a manager?  You will need to fund your Uphold account to make your package 1/manager access purchase.  You can fund using Bitcoin or Via a Bank Transfer

What is an Uphold Account?  Uphold is an online wallet that can connect to your bank, that allows you to send and receive money and Crypto Currency

How much do I get paid from the Package 1 (to become a manager) $200 purchase when I refer other managers?  You make $100 instantly to your Uphold account.

Where does the other $100 go?  The difference is split upline 4 levels, $20, $20, $40, and $20

How do I get paid?  You will get paid through your verified Uphold account, You can spend money through a virutal debit card or withdraw funds to your bank.

How do I set up my Uphold payment wallet account?  Once you create your Yolopros account using the button on this page, you follow the 'Getting Started' information and tutorials will show you how to set up your Uphold account.

Are there other ways to make money with Yolopros?  Yes they offer 12 levels of digital product packages that payout 100% member to member commissions.

Should I worry about buying the other products all at once?  No, you can use your earnings to purchase the other products automatically within the system which means you never spend more than $200 one-time for Yolopros product packages.  If you need more information about the compensation plan please watch the Manager Fast Start Training above.

Do I have to become a Manager?  No, but once you start earning from referring friends, and see the power of leveraged income from their efforts becoming a Manager and adding a 2nd tier of commissions will be a 'No Brainer' - Plus you will make instant pay commissions from referring other managers.

How do I sign up to be a Caller?  Watch This Video

Can I Start Making Calls Right Now?  As of this moment, they are rolling out Beta Testing to Managers first and then to callers within a few days, so don't wait.  The best thing to do is to lock in your spot, and get your set up fee and admin payment made and your Uphold e-wallet created and verified so you are ready to go, if you want to start calling ASAP and see the power of this, then upgrade to Manager right away.  Once you are an active member you can also start referring other callers.  Wouldn't you like a nice front line of callers on day one making you passive income?

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